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Our Services

Hereís some of the services we provide but just ask if you canít see what youíre looking for, weíre willing to turn our hands to anything.

Garden Makeovers

We all know how much a well kept garden adds value to your property, our garden makeovers are designed with exactly that in mind. Enhance the appeal of your property in preparation for sale or to stay on and enjoy


You donít have to be a gardner to want a garden. Wescape NZ offers a monthly maintenance service in which we do all those endless jobs that a healthy garden demands. From the pruning of plants, trees and hedges to pest, weed and disease management through to fertilizing and turf management weíll keep your garden and lawns looking their best throughout the year.

Outdoor Lighting

Too often lightening is overlooked in a garden but this important element creates a wonderful ambiance that brings your beautiful garden to life at night.


Wescape has an extensive knowledge of plants and will ensure all plants used in our work will fit the conditions in which they're placed.† We can source plants at great prices and will work with you and your style to put a planting scheme together

Water Features

The tranquil feeling you get when you are relaxing in a garden listening to the calming sound of moving water is second to none.† Wescape NZ can create the perfect water feature to fit any size garden.

Retaining Walls

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We Also Do...

  • Irrigation
  • Plans